Now that I am almost done crying about leaving california I keep asking myself 'what have I learned and accomplished in the city of angels?' My answer: ahhhh.........lot! I moved there to help open a restaurant, The Glendon Bar and Kitchen. Opening a restaurant is a lot harder than people think it is. I learned so much from being there and having been a part of the process, it seems I may be attached to it for life. From being featured on Good Day LA, to our interviews, to the playboy mansion cake, among many other things, I felt like we had a successful first year. I love that restaurant and everyone who was a part of it. My next venture was to move on to Fig and Olive at Melrose Place. I was offered the pastry sous chef position and I accepted it. We trained the same week we opened, so it was a bit nuts. The kitchen was overstaffed and under trained. The first three nights of the opening were a bit insane, but it all worked out. I spent the next couple of months training people and learned how to manage and be patient. After about 6months in the corporate restaurant business I decided to take on an opportunity that had been offered to me. I did a tasting for ttk on abbot kinney in venice, and got the job. I worked there for two months and due to certain circumstances, I had to leave so I could pack up and get back to the east. The tasting kitchen was an awesome experience for me because I had freedom to do what I wanted. I got to put my own stuff on the menu, and unfortunately I didn't spend enough time there to actually do all the things I wanted to do, but I have no regrets. For only being there 2 months, I learned so much, about myself and about food. I do wish I could have stayed, but I couldn't. I am sure my chocolate mousse, chocolate chip fig cookies, and chocolate caramel pot de cremes will be missed. So, for someone in the food industry, my dynamic in the past 3 restaurants were all an experience. I was also lucky enough to be a part of  Test Kitchen, The Taste of LA, LA Epicurean Festival Competition (I got 2nd place in the pastry competition!), and the Playboy Mansion (how cliche). I actually didn't meet Hugh Hefner at the Playboy Mansion, but I met him at Yogurt Land, a much more appropriate atmosphere! I am not sure what to expect from my transition. So far it has been interesting to say the least. The jobs I am applying to are mostly places I have always wanted to work, so for the first time in my career I am applying to a bunch of jobs in hopes that I get a response! My journey is about to get blogged, now I have no excuse as to why I am not writing - so give me feedback!!!! I can handle constructed criticism .....

LA Epicurean

I was lucky to have both of my brothers there to support me!!!

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