So I could fly far. Far far away

I was bored last week so I hopped on the blue line bus and went to Santa Monica Pier. It was a beautiful day so I found a nice little spot on the beach and read my book- joan didion slouching towards bethlehem which is a fantastic book that my friend Ian recommended to me! I am really enjoying it so far. I also got hit on by a very old man- with a walker old- and he blew me kisses and told me I took his breath away :) I thought he was going to croak right there. (he didn't).

LAX Charter Planes- We didn't get to fly to Santa Barbara- but I would have loved to! Toni's friend Mike is a pilot so we met up with him and he gave us a tour


My First Cupcake Takes The Cake!!!



Valentines day in a new place, with not too many friends and no boyfriend. How to spend the beautiful sunny day.....


 I woke up to my phone ringing and some guy yelling- 'I am at your door!' I was so confused- then I realized I had to go open the door- and what a lovely surprise :) My Monique sent me flowers, chocolates, and a balloon! I love surprises so I started my day off just right! Thanks lovebug :) my favorite Valentine!

 I literally just woke up in that picture if you can't tell.

Toni and I headed out to enjoy the beautiful and fun day we had ahead of us!


it took too long for us to rent bikes so we just ended up borrowing some from Brians friend!

That is Brian. 

We went out with fun friends and went to Venice Beach, rode bikes, grabbed lunch at a Chinese Restaurant (to celebrate Chinese New Years of course), went to a house/dinner party, and then rode bikes some more. 

This is my favorite doggy- Matilda.

We did ride bikes- I just took did not take photos because I was being extra cautious. I didn't want to get hit by a car or fall off my bike!


Happy Chinese New Year (belated)!!! I Google'd how to write it in Chinese and that is how I got my title! It is the year of the Tiger- I was born year of the Ox, Amy informed me- I am stubborn, alert, demanding, yet easy going and eloquent! Amy was our wonderful roommate, who just moved back to Beijing last week. She was studying at UCLA but she just finished so she went back. Her family came for a visit and brought Toni and I these delicous Chinese Peanuts. They look like normal peanuts on the outside but on the inside they are black!!! I think they are actually called Black Peanuts- They have a very unique taste and we are addicted to them! So yummy and strange. She is an awesome girl and we will miss her so much :( One day I will go to Beijing to visit her!


leetle peegies

 These are some indivdual adventures of mine. I had to go to Silverlake for the day to interview this woman and her cupcakes ;)
I passed a flea market that looked interesting so I parked up a big hill and trudged down it. It was ok- I expected better but eh- it was pretty warm out too- it was about 80, but the sun was sooo strong! By the time I got back up the hill to the car, I was melting away...panting..sweating- the whole 9yards.

The review of the cupcakes should be up in a couple! Cant wait!!!!
I have 2 more cupcake joints to hit up this week....and the gym of course ;)


LA Artwalk

The second thursday of everymonth- Downtown LA has this event called artwalk LA. All these art galleries open up to the public and people walk around and check out artwalk and live music. Theres all these food trucks, bands playing on the streets, and soooo many people!!! It was a lot of fun!! My friend Tracy came and met up with us, she was visiting- we ended up at this bar Crocker Club after. It was was a bank- so the inside is literally a closed up bank.
take a listen

a little of this....and that

 I swear I did not name my last entry after that lame chuck palahniuk novel. I really do have so many pictures to upload and post- but I am slacking big time! My procrastination is only going to get worse as soon as I start working too. Ah well. Since I last left off with me choking, I will update the world on the outrageous occurrences in my life. Like tonight, I swear I saw a ghost. I was watching weeds online, I find myself watching this show every night too by the way, until megavideo shuts me down. I had my headphones in and from the corner of my eye I saw something walk past my bedroom door. I got really freaked out- so I called out, but no one replied- and I tried to wake Toni, but she was in a deep sleep. So I got up and locked all the windows and doors- because they were all open (Ha- so much for safety) well the door was locked. I am now sitting facing my door so if something or someone is there, I will see it for sure- no more figments of my imagination. After being here for for a month- I am starting to settle in. I am not going to lie, it still is hard at times, but I am really liking it. Unfortunately I am also feeling guilty for liking it so much! Only because I miss my family and it keeps snowing in New Jersey and it is so cold- and today it was 80 degrees out. So unbelievably beautiful today.

The other night Toni and I went to our first la club in Hollywood. As we were passing, we saw a very, very long line and were both not prepared for a club- we thought we were going to a bar. Brian- who is my friend Haleys cousin- asked us to come out to see his friend Troy's band play, The Downtown Train. It turned out it was 18 to get in, and it is an emo/hipster club that wasn't that bad. I think I had a koolaid goofy smile on my face throughout the entire night. I really was so interested in every person there though. We missed the band because we were waiting on line while they played, but we did get to hear 3 other bands perform and they were all pretty good. Toni and I got hit on by some boys and the way they all approached us was like nothing we ever experienced before. The boys here seem to be a bit more forward, but in a corny lame kind of way that makes you feel bad sort of but also impressed that they have the courage to go up to a girl and ask her whatever they want.(wowww run on) I don't know I am probably being too critical because they are probably nice people. I hope I do not regret what I say about the la boys, but as of right now- as a newbie, this is how I feel. East Coast people and West Coast people are very different, but I will forever be an east coast girl.  Anyways- the picture is from the middle of the dance floor- the candles were really pretty but kind of sad and gothic- I liked them.

On a brighter note- here are some photos I took in vibrant venice beach that I love sooooo much. Some were when my mother was visiting.

I forgot about this one-

I have a huge crush on Shia Labeouf- I took that for my Margie, boy o boy Shia.