coastal food wars introduction- GraffEATIIII!!!

The constant question I keep getting...So how was the food in LA?
My Answer....I had to adjust.
I actually found an entry that I never posted basically of me bashing the LA food scene. I am glad I didn't post it, because I have learned to love the food scene (or just adjust to it, however you want to look at it).

A little excerpt from a year ago:

Its 7pm and I don’t know what to eat. Every day since I have lived in LA I have dealt with this dilemma. Growing up in North Jersey, there was always something to eat, and it was good. Whether it was having a home cooked meal with family or friends, or a restaurant or take out. It was so easy, knowing the places that were good and worth every bite. But what do you do when you don’t know what is good. How many bad slices of pizza do you have to eat before you find a mediocre one.  For the first couple of months of me living out here, it was a constant reminder that I am not home. I arrived in LA on a cold rainy night in January, and went straight to Westwood, and I was starving. I walked around Westwood village for about 20 minutes looking for a place to get a bite, and it was desolate, there was nothing to eat anywhere. All I kept thinking is 'where did I just move to!?' After some research, I found some late night spots, but I started to realize, this was nothing like what I was used to.

Growing up so close to the city, and constantly being there has made me take it for granted. Now that I am not there, I miss everything about it. I am learning to love LA, but it will never compare to the east coast. Everything just seems so far away!

I learned to love LA. I have friends there and here constantly asking me, where should I go eat? Every month I had a visitor meet me (people used to joke that I should get a commission from the airlines because I was helping out so much) so I was constantly out to eat.  I am about to let you in on some shortcuts....But for now a little art-etizer!!!


Now that I am almost done crying about leaving california I keep asking myself 'what have I learned and accomplished in the city of angels?' My answer: ahhhh.........lot! I moved there to help open a restaurant, The Glendon Bar and Kitchen. Opening a restaurant is a lot harder than people think it is. I learned so much from being there and having been a part of the process, it seems I may be attached to it for life. From being featured on Good Day LA, to our interviews, to the playboy mansion cake, among many other things, I felt like we had a successful first year. I love that restaurant and everyone who was a part of it. My next venture was to move on to Fig and Olive at Melrose Place. I was offered the pastry sous chef position and I accepted it. We trained the same week we opened, so it was a bit nuts. The kitchen was overstaffed and under trained. The first three nights of the opening were a bit insane, but it all worked out. I spent the next couple of months training people and learned how to manage and be patient. After about 6months in the corporate restaurant business I decided to take on an opportunity that had been offered to me. I did a tasting for ttk on abbot kinney in venice, and got the job. I worked there for two months and due to certain circumstances, I had to leave so I could pack up and get back to the east. The tasting kitchen was an awesome experience for me because I had freedom to do what I wanted. I got to put my own stuff on the menu, and unfortunately I didn't spend enough time there to actually do all the things I wanted to do, but I have no regrets. For only being there 2 months, I learned so much, about myself and about food. I do wish I could have stayed, but I couldn't. I am sure my chocolate mousse, chocolate chip fig cookies, and chocolate caramel pot de cremes will be missed. So, for someone in the food industry, my dynamic in the past 3 restaurants were all an experience. I was also lucky enough to be a part of  Test Kitchen, The Taste of LA, LA Epicurean Festival Competition (I got 2nd place in the pastry competition!), and the Playboy Mansion (how cliche). I actually didn't meet Hugh Hefner at the Playboy Mansion, but I met him at Yogurt Land, a much more appropriate atmosphere! I am not sure what to expect from my transition. So far it has been interesting to say the least. The jobs I am applying to are mostly places I have always wanted to work, so for the first time in my career I am applying to a bunch of jobs in hopes that I get a response! My journey is about to get blogged, now I have no excuse as to why I am not writing - so give me feedback!!!! I can handle constructed criticism .....

LA Epicurean

I was lucky to have both of my brothers there to support me!!!


my california blues....

sometimes we hit that fork in the road, and we need to figure out which way to go. we also know that if we take the wrong way, we can go back. my decision to go back to the east coast was basically settled on that ideology. i can always go back. but now that i am here, i need to look forward, until i feel like i have to look back. i do love venice, the place that i still consider home.

the things i will miss seeing daily....

my 3 favorite palm trees

the end of my street

that will never leave :)

my beach

at the end of rose
paul newman at my door to greet me.

my alley

my parking spot
I will miss bitches brew most of all

that warm california sun

my bookshelf

my bed
my large closet and mirrors

zombies, imagine a world.