so far, I have driven to san diego three times. I think I can now go there without navigation- take the 405 to the 5 and driveeeeee. It is a bit of a trek but the coastal drive is a visual feast. I open my window and soak up the california sun and cool sea breeze. 
 Its hard to take a picture of the sea while driving. 
This trip is from la jolla- which is a super rich area of northern san diego. It is really touristy- lucky for me I fit right in. As I was taking the pictures by the ocean- this man pulled up and started shouting- Oh My God!! The Ocean I never saw the Ocean before! I was....MEEEE TOOOOOO. He was making fun of us for taking pictures. Tool.
yeah, whatever, I love to be super touristy sometimes- and then crazy pseudolocal. 
last time I came to san diego- I had the best fish tacos- so the only thing on my mind while driving there was...food obviously. so we went to this place on the beach for yummy fish tacos. 

I started to eat the chips and salsa and started to choke. everyone just looked at me, but I swear I thought I was going to die. My throat closed up and I could not breathe. this has happened to me so many times on the subway- and everytime this happens I am always surronded by people who just stare. I haven't died from it....yet. if I saw someone choking I would ask them if they needed help, NO one ever asks me!!! My mom did actually- she went to get me water. love her. and then my eyes teared for the rest of the lunch. I survived it though- I am a trooper. 

me eating the lethal chip.

me crying from choking. not funny.

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