the valley and hills

 yes...a room with a VIEW!!! (woo woo em foster) unfortunately since I have been in los angeles, I have gotten to write two entries so far! That is terrible. I am not keeping my word at all. making time to write seems like a little more work than I thought it would be. Things have gotten pretty crazy since I got here. The views from glendale ca- where ultimate cake off for tlc was filmed. It was a Carlos Bakery 100 Year Anniversary episode so I went in as an assistant.
Anthony and I

                                                             My girl Jamaica of Jamaica's Cakes

 Anthony - Me - Toni
 the lucky three Carlos Bakery assistants.

I don't think I can give any details, so that is all I am going to say/show about it, o and that it was insanely intense!!! It was cool though, it worked out well. It was my first time in 'the valley' and it wasn't too bad. There were some nice areas- everyone puts it down, but it actually is a bit charming. Anyways.... I got to see my old co-workers and had a buttload of fun with them. Even though we have only worked together for a year, I have to say that I got closer to all of them more than I could have imagined. We worked so many long hours this year that its tough not to have a strong bond. I am sad to see them go but it is not forever. They are good people that will always have my back. When the show was wrapped we had some extra time- so we headed for the hills- Hollywoooooood
Carlos Bakery minus Joey and Remy
  My Mother and I
Captain Jack Sparrow and Anthony


the hollywood walk of fame. check. wax musuem. check. ripelys believe it or not. check. beverly hills house stalking. check. we had about, 4 hours to do all that. we laughed most of the day away- laugh therapy is one of my favorites. next to book, music, food, and retail therapy. o - that list could go on... and on

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