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 I swear I did not name my last entry after that lame chuck palahniuk novel. I really do have so many pictures to upload and post- but I am slacking big time! My procrastination is only going to get worse as soon as I start working too. Ah well. Since I last left off with me choking, I will update the world on the outrageous occurrences in my life. Like tonight, I swear I saw a ghost. I was watching weeds online, I find myself watching this show every night too by the way, until megavideo shuts me down. I had my headphones in and from the corner of my eye I saw something walk past my bedroom door. I got really freaked out- so I called out, but no one replied- and I tried to wake Toni, but she was in a deep sleep. So I got up and locked all the windows and doors- because they were all open (Ha- so much for safety) well the door was locked. I am now sitting facing my door so if something or someone is there, I will see it for sure- no more figments of my imagination. After being here for for a month- I am starting to settle in. I am not going to lie, it still is hard at times, but I am really liking it. Unfortunately I am also feeling guilty for liking it so much! Only because I miss my family and it keeps snowing in New Jersey and it is so cold- and today it was 80 degrees out. So unbelievably beautiful today.

The other night Toni and I went to our first la club in Hollywood. As we were passing, we saw a very, very long line and were both not prepared for a club- we thought we were going to a bar. Brian- who is my friend Haleys cousin- asked us to come out to see his friend Troy's band play, The Downtown Train. It turned out it was 18 to get in, and it is an emo/hipster club that wasn't that bad. I think I had a koolaid goofy smile on my face throughout the entire night. I really was so interested in every person there though. We missed the band because we were waiting on line while they played, but we did get to hear 3 other bands perform and they were all pretty good. Toni and I got hit on by some boys and the way they all approached us was like nothing we ever experienced before. The boys here seem to be a bit more forward, but in a corny lame kind of way that makes you feel bad sort of but also impressed that they have the courage to go up to a girl and ask her whatever they want.(wowww run on) I don't know I am probably being too critical because they are probably nice people. I hope I do not regret what I say about the la boys, but as of right now- as a newbie, this is how I feel. East Coast people and West Coast people are very different, but I will forever be an east coast girl.  Anyways- the picture is from the middle of the dance floor- the candles were really pretty but kind of sad and gothic- I liked them.

On a brighter note- here are some photos I took in vibrant venice beach that I love sooooo much. Some were when my mother was visiting.

I forgot about this one-

I have a huge crush on Shia Labeouf- I took that for my Margie, boy o boy Shia.

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MD said...

I saw him walking around TriBeCa and just froze in the middle of the street - not one of my best moments hahaha