Valentines day in a new place, with not too many friends and no boyfriend. How to spend the beautiful sunny day.....


 I woke up to my phone ringing and some guy yelling- 'I am at your door!' I was so confused- then I realized I had to go open the door- and what a lovely surprise :) My Monique sent me flowers, chocolates, and a balloon! I love surprises so I started my day off just right! Thanks lovebug :) my favorite Valentine!

 I literally just woke up in that picture if you can't tell.

Toni and I headed out to enjoy the beautiful and fun day we had ahead of us!


it took too long for us to rent bikes so we just ended up borrowing some from Brians friend!

That is Brian. 

We went out with fun friends and went to Venice Beach, rode bikes, grabbed lunch at a Chinese Restaurant (to celebrate Chinese New Years of course), went to a house/dinner party, and then rode bikes some more. 

This is my favorite doggy- Matilda.

We did ride bikes- I just took did not take photos because I was being extra cautious. I didn't want to get hit by a car or fall off my bike!

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