Valentine's Smalentines!

blahhh valentines day.

I have to say that I never enjoyed this 'holiday'. Although, I do love that people ALWAYS order dessert on vday. A day to indulge and treat people nice- meh, you should eat dessert and treat people nice errrrdayyyy!?>!<@

Because I am kind and treat people nice everyday I baked my friend a sweet little birthday cake. A delicious vanilla pink cake to be exact. I filled it with crème chiboust (also known as lightened pastry cream- which is pastry cream folded with whipped cream) and I added some maraschino cherry liquor for flavor and tint. I also threw in some strawberries, blackberries, and chocolate chips in the filling. It was iced in a mocha swiss buttercream.

 also. how cute. i look forward to google themes.


i'm also learning how to use photoshop- like my text input in ma cake?!?!?! what!? CRAZYY


Michelle said...

CREME CHIBOUST. 10 dolla word.

connie.cee said...

AHHH Rene, you must teach me more of your secrets. lol Can I have your choco cake recipe?

lara said...

Tried the chocolate Chip recipe lunchtime...Now its late afternoon and it VANISHED!!Lynn ate 10 of them...Joy ate 7 ...and oh the rest are somewhere between my belly and my ASS:)
IT was yummy.Will pass the recipe to my friends.