Road Trip USA

Los Angeles, CA -> Grand Canyon Village, AZ -> Albuquerque, NM -> pit stop in Amarillo, TX -> Eureka Springs, AK -> Memphis, TN -> pit stop in Nashville, TN -> Roanoke, VA -> NYC!!!!

After seeing how amazing the grand canyon was, I really couldn't wait to get back on the road to see what else America had to offer.

"travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living." Miriam Beard

As I go through all these photos and videos, I can't help but feel happy and lucky for being able to have the opportunity to drive cross country. I don't think that one can realize how amazing it truly is until you experience it first hand. It was greater than I ever imagined. When we reached NY, I wanted to keep going. I felt like I could have explored forever, so I need to somehow figure out a way where I can do it again.

So after our drive to Albuquerque, we drove to Amarillo, Texas.Our next stop was Cadillac Ranch, an amazing art installation by an art group called Ant Farm. It was installed in 1974, a line of vertically standing junk Caddies, angled in a perfect line. There was a lot of tourists there, and it actually took us a bit to find. We finally stopped at a Loves, and the gas station attendant reluctantly told us where to go. He did not tell us where to buy spray paint though, so we just borrowed some from some fellow visitors.

When we first pulled up, we actually said "This is it?". It was not what we were expecting, until we got closer. After a rainy day in Albuquerque, Texas was a bit warmer. We couldn't help but make jokes that it smelled everywhere we went. And, we didn't know there would be children around, so the  'Fuck You' T shirt, may have been a bit inappropriate, but only parents noticed, and they actually commented that they liked it!

we were there for about 30 mins, Monique left her phone, and the nice man in the Osh Kosh overalls was smart enough to figure out how to get the phone back to her, and nice enough to actually give it back. 

 We had to stop at the biggest cross on the Western Hemisphere, I mean why not!?

 And once again, the 'Fuck You' shirt stuck out....

Honking at truckers was a highlight, especially when we got to scream, "HAY!!!"

 I was hungry, we were on the hunt for some Texas BBQ, all we found was Big Verns. So we pulled over in Shamrock, Texas and got ourselves a quick bite to eat.

 in a fairly desolate town. The waitress told me she grew up a town over, where the population was a lot less that the 2,000 population of Shamrock (which was a more city/town).

U-Drop Inn, a place we passed was featured in Cars the movie! As well as Cadillac Ranch!!!
 Beer Muffins!

Pulled BBQ Pork!!!

We were en route to Oklahoma City, OK, and decided we wanted to stay in the haunted hotel there. After doing some Iphone research, we found an even cooler haunted hotel.....

In Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

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